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Our Engineering Process

KTC Engineering Process
Building a new plant in the EWP (Engineered Wood Product) industry is a big project with many tasks. There's a lot of moving parts and hoops to jump over. A lot of what makes a great plant great are not traditional engineering knowledge. It is not just about horsepower calculation or structural steel detailing but rather its about collaboration with the contractor, knowing who makes the best equipment, which layout is best given the geometry of the land or keeping up to date with the latest environmental requirement from the city where the plant will be build. KTC have been in the industry for over 30 years, we have extensive knowledge of what works and who are the best at doing what, let us give you a hand with your next project.
KTC Integragted Process Engineering
The art of building a great plant is based on teamwork and championing one another strengths. KTC uses a integrated process engineering to work with clients, equipment suppliers and installation contractor to deliver the best end product possible. 
KTC Integragted Process Engineering-Client
KTC Integragted Process Engineering-Equipment Suppliers
KTC Integragted Process Engineering-Contractors
KTC Integragted Process Engineering
Engineering, vendors and contractors are all pieces to the puzzle of putting together a great final product. You need all 3 in order to complete the puzzle. If you only have 2 of the 3 pieces the puzzle would be missing key information, and the final image would be incomplete. When doing a project it is important to have all the pieces. As engineering consultants it is our jobs to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are covered and to make sure that the best vendors and contractors are selected for the projects. 

Full Engineering Services

KTC provide full engineering services covering all the major disciplines and key phases of project. We will be with you from preliminary engineering all the way to detail engineering and construction site management.

​Mechanical Engineering


  • Plant Layout and Design

  • Equipment Design

  • Pipping System Modelling

  • Pipeline Engineering, Stressing, Design and Registration

  • Tank, Surge Bin Design and Engineering

  • Fluid Engineering


  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • Drone Photogrammetry

  • Dynamic Process Simulation

Misc Clarke County 004.JPG

​Structural Engineering


  • Site Development and Civil Engineering Services

  • Structural Design of Support Systems

  • Structural Steel Detailing

  • Equipment Foundation Design

  • Building Design

  • Architectural Services


  • BIM Modelling

3 Finishing Line 0246.JPG
1 To Former 0186.JPG

​Electrical Engineering


  • Power Generation and Distribution

  • Electrical System Design

  • Power System Studies, Arc Flash and Short Circuit Analysis

  • Relay Protection and Coordination

  • Generator Synchronization and Power Management

  • Heat Tracing

MCCs - 15 Aug 06.JPG

​Instrumentation and Control


  • Instrumentation Datasheet

  • Control Wiring Diagram

  • PLC Wiring and Panel Design

  • PLC Programming and Commissioning

18044 PLC Update 01.jpg

Exclusive Services

Services not offered elsewhere in EWP Industry…

  • Advanced Budget Management & Procurement Support*

  • FEED** Evaluation of Project “Readiness”

  • Client Project Risk Mitigation Strategies

  • *Live demo’s available upon request

  • **FEED is “Front End Engineering Design”

Beyond Engineering What Makes Us Unique


We provide full service engineering solutions for your project requirements with our team’s vast experience in the forest products and mining industries in Canada, United States, Europe, South America, and Australia.

We have the team to deal with simple to very

complex projects. We take pride in our engineering and project management expertise. We are committed to the principals of teamwork, trust and quality in our project management and industrial engineering projects.


Getting the job done safely, on schedule and on budget are points of paramount significance.

We provide engineering services while working with our clients to provide the most cost effective solution to their project needs. We are always the best value to our customer by the completion of the project.





#218-12877 76th Avenue

Surrey, BC



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