Beyond Engineering
What Makes Us Unique

We provide full service engineering solutions for your project requirements with our team’s vast experience in the forest products and mining industries in Canada, United States, Europe, South America, and Australia.

We have the team to deal with simple to very complex projects. We take pride in our engineering and project management expertise. We are committed to the principals of teamwork, trust and quality in our project management and industrial engineering projects.

Getting the job done safely, on schedule and on budget are points of paramount significance.

We provide engineering services while working with our clients to provide the most cost effective solution to their project needs. We are always the best value to our customer by the completion of the project.

Management Team

Jan Karnik

Jan has over 25 years of experience in the OSB / OSL projects. From concept, to design and finally to construction support involved in all phases of a project.

These phases include pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, project definition reports, process and mechanical engineering for plant design and plant and process equipment layout. In addition Jan also specializes in project engineering and management, process calculations and production modeling.

Jan Karnik, B.Sc., MBA


Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon joined KTC Group in 2005 as a Project Manager. Jim has a broad range of experience in industries from Oil Sands production early in his career to oil field production consulting in Texas, Wyoming, Libya and Alberta to Pulp and Paper and Mining technologies.

Since 2005 Jim has been managing projects of expanded scope within the OSB, Pulp and Paper and industrial sectors, ranging from piping systems within research hospitals to LVL Plant construction management in Russia. Supporting clients with cost estimating, permit applications, project scheduling and site start-up are also areas of speciality he is passionate about.

Jim McMahon, P.Eng.


John Karnik

John Karnik is an OSB Process Specialist and has one of the longest standing reputations for excellence in the industry.

He has over forty-one years experience in the OSB industry and forty-five years experience with manufacturing processes, engineering, detailed designs, and fabrication. He has been instrumental in managing the construction of forest product facilities, woodrooms, general material handling for board plants, sawmills and pulp and paper mills. His knowledge and expertise is available to help streamline processes and provide additional guidance.

John Karnik